Avaydec Imperial Tonic 500g




Amblica officinalis, the primary herb in this formula is the highest and richest known natural source of Vitamin C. The combination of over 40 potent herbs, roots and leaves makes this preparation the most widely used and sought-after Ayurvedic preparation.

It is indicated as:

  •    De-modifier
  •    Body’s Immunity builder
  •    Rejuvenator
  •    Nutritive
  •    A powerful tonic.

It is a potent DE-TOXIFIER and tones up the body’s defense mechanism causing elements. It is especially effective against coughs, colds and other respiratory disorders. It is also a nutritive tonic, helps build the blood and is a mild laxative. It nourishes the heart, lungs and kidneys. It is excellent supplement for the healthy growth of children.