Aspects of Healing

Aspects Of Healing

The concept for Aspects of Healing was established back in 2006 by Katina Jones after a profound personal experience around health.

In 2004, at the age of 18, Katina’s son William was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left him with seven broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a damaged spleen and pancreas, and a broken shoulder.

The doctors told Katina that they would need to remove William’s spleen as it continued to bleed after the accident. Knowing how important the spleen was to immunity, Katina asked if the doctors could wait before removing it. The doctors said it was imperative to remove the spleen and ordered a scan before operating. However, due to another emergency, William ended up waiting over 5 hours for his scan, in which time his spleen finally stopped bleeding, negating the need for surgery.

Every day for the next three weeks, Katina was by William’s side at the hospital. Worried for her son but determined to find solutions, Katina searched for alternative methods to heal William’s injuries and decided to use complimentary health therapies alongside the doctors’ treatments to help nurture her son back to health. Katina encouraged William to use visualisation techniques, imagining all the organs in his body were functioning normally and placed a large poster of the human body on the wall in his hospital room. She used reflexology, aromatherapy, music, and the knowledge and expertise of Chinese herbal and acupuncture practitioners, homeopathy and energy medicine on her son.

Some days after the accident, it was discovered that William had damaged his pancreas and that liquid was trapped inside it and that surgery was required to drain these fluids. The surgeon was sceptical of the holistic health therapies he noticed Katrina was introducing to William and told her that surgery was the only option to remove the fluid in the pancreas as this would not, or could not, drain naturally.

After three weeks in the hospital, Katina asked the doctors if she could take her son on a trip to Alice Springs, where she had a work commitment. William was discharged and asked to make an appointment to see the surgeon upon his return. In Alice Springs, William bathed in the sun, rested and continued with the Chinese herbs the acupuncturist prescribed for him. Approximately one month later, William’s pancreas was scanned and despite the doctor’s prognosis, the scan showed a reduction in the fluid in the pancreas. Whilst the surgeon acknowledged the fluid reduction and postponed the surgery, he showed little interest in investigating why and how the fluid had reduced after believing it was not possible and wanted to scan William’s pancreas again a month later to observe any change.

Worried about the effects of radiation from multiple scans, William refused to have further scans and continued with natural therapies. Some 5 years later, William woke up one morning wanting to know the condition of his pancreas and arranged to have another scan. The scan showed all the fluid in the pancreas had completely drained, defying all medical expectations.

Following her experience, Katina knew the profound effect complimentary therapies had on her son’s healing. She felt compelled to share what she had learned with other people and show parents that there was hope, even when medical professionals suggested otherwise, and that by integrating holistic therapies with traditional Western medicine, healing outcomes could be achieved without the need for invasive surgery.

Feeling blessed and grateful for her son’s recovery, Katina went on to research integrated and complimentary therapies and, in 2006, opened a clinic – Aspects of Healing, dedicated to offering holistic health solutions. Now, over 17 years later, Aspects of Healing provides a range of holistic healing therapies and has helped thousands of people on their road to recovery.

Authentic Integrative Healing

Aspects of Healing aims to integrate the most effective practices from both Western and Eastern medicine to provide comprehensive care for individuals seeking optimal wellness. Our approach to healthcare goes beyond treating isolated symptoms. Instead, it seeks to address the whole person, including the mind, body, emotions and spirit, to promote overall health and wellbeing. Our allied and complementary health therapists all work together to create personalised health solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Aspects Of Healing Vision & Mission

At Aspects of Healing, we strive to be at the forefront of promoting health and wellness by providing genuine, holistic health solutions which integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine.
Our vision is to be leaders in wellness through authentic, holistic health solutions, and our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to understand their bodies and take control of their health and wellbeing to create and maintain optimal health and longevity.
To share our message with as many people as possible, we have developed new, restorative and revitalising health packages and services customised to suit each client’s needs. We invite you to share our wellness journey and explore with us timeless teachings as we transform them into core experiences in a manner that honours your uniqueness and body.
We look forward to welcoming you soon.

– Katina Jones, Founder